Friday, September 4, 2015

September's Book of the Month--The Right Word

September’s Book Pick is the gem of a picture book, THE RIGHT WORD: ROGET AND HIS THESAURUS, written by Jen Bryant and illustrated by Melissa Sweet. The text of this nonfiction book is clear and concise. It’s packed with information, and will easily support multiple readings by kids of all ages. But, beyond a doubt, the text is helped immensely by the brilliant design and illustrations that make THE RIGHT WORD very special.

Sweet’s art is made from watercolor paintings, embellished and collaged into layers and layers on each page, with each element supporting and furthering the text. Sometimes the story is laid out as a list, sometimes a list will support the story. The use of color is brilliant:

  1. a brilliant student: bright, intelligent, clever, smart, astute, intellectual; gifted, talented, able, adept, skillful; elite, superior, first-class, first-rate, excellent; informal brainy. ANTONYMS  stupid.
  2. his brilliant career: superb, glorious, illustrious, impressive, remarkable, exceptional. ANTONYMS  unremarkable. 
  3. a shaft of brilliant light: bright, shining, blazing, dazzling, vivid, intense, gleaming, glaring, luminous, radiant; literary irradiant, coruscating. ANTONYMS  obscure, dark.
  4. brilliant green: vivid, intense, bright, bold, dazzling. ANTONYMS  dull, dark.
There is so much information packed into these 32 pages plus back matter, but not once does if feel heavy or didactic.
If you have not yet read THE RIGHT WORD: ROGET AND HIS THESAURUS, run—don’t walk—to your nearest library or bookstore and find yourself a copy!!


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