Monday, July 3, 2017

July's Book of the Month--Du Iz Tak?

July’s Book of the Month is the 2017 winner of the E. B. White Read-Aloud Award and a Caldecott Honor book, DU IZ TAK? by writer/illustrator Carson Ellis.

Conveyed through exquisite illustrations and dialog in a made-up language, DU IZ TAK? follows the progress of a small plant unfurling amid the passing of seasons. Among other minute whimsies, we behold a fort, a transformation, and some top hat-wearing bugs. Ellis provides plenty of small-scale narrative which plays out between the different insects who come and go within this small patch of land, including a web-spinning caterpillar and a menacing spider who gets his comeuppance.

With her gorgeous colors and attention to detail, Ellis has created a unique, delicate, and fantastic universe. But it’s the addition of the invented language that makes this book truly outstanding, giving readers even more reason to linger as they try to decode the buggy discourse.

And, once again, I am interested in how a good book is made better by a high production value. The large format and thick, creamy pages help this book stand out. Candlewick has produced another winner!


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