Thursday, March 15, 2018

March Recommendations


YOU BRING THE DISTANT NEAR, by Mitali Perkins, is a multigenerational story beginning with two sisters, Sonia and Tara Das, who move from London to New York with their family. Their Bengali traditions and people’s expectations make it difficult for them to fit in. The story follows as they grow into themselves and fall in love, and then follows their children as they do the same. It’s in these later chapters that we actually learn more about the girls mother, through the eyes of her grandchildren. It’s a lovely look at the way one family thrives while balancing the old and the new. (YA)

TEMPESTS AND SLAUGHTER, by Tamora Pierce, is the first book in The Numair Chronicles. It begins the origin story of a powerful mage who previously appeared in Pierce’s Wild Magic (of The Immortals series). Ten-year-old Arram Draper is a talented student at the Imperial University’s School for Mages. He’s been moved ahead two terms, but he’s still bored. Until the day he taps into “the strange shove of power” within, loses control of his Gift, and nearly drowns his entire class. Together with “leftover prince” Ozorne Tasikhe, and Varice Kingsford, the three friends are seen as “the most rapidly advancing students in the Lower Academy,” brought together by “[s]ome special thread.” Pierce is a wonderful writer. (YA)

In THE CRUEL PRINCE, by Holly Black, when a tall stranger mysteriously appears in the home of seven-year-old twins Jude and Taryn, "as if stepping between one shadow and the next," he proceeds to murder their parents right in front of them. Then he whisks away the twins and their older half-fey sister, Vivi, to live with him in Faerie. Now seventeen, Jude knows that life as a mortal in Faerie will never be easy. When she’s recruited to spy for Prince Dain, she takes the opportunity to prove herself and is drawn into dangerous games of power and intrigue. Fabulous, fabulous fantasy!!!! (YA)

Picture Books:

WHEN I AM BIG, by Maria Dek, is a beautifully illustrated counting book. From the beginning, where the narrator will be "really big, like 1 big giant!” all the way up to the lovely finish for the number 25, this book perfectly channels the magic of a child’s imagination. Gorgeous color, design, and whimsy from the creator of A Walk in the Forest.

OWL BAT BAT OWL, by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, is a wordless picture book showing how Mama Owl worries for her babies when a bat family moves into their tree. The babies want to play. And then it gets windy… A sweet reminder not to prejudge others, and a good example of how to write an engaging book that’s got a message.

WHY AM I ME? with words by Paige Britt and pictures by Sean Qualls and Selina Alko, is an expressive, child-friendly meditation on what makes us who we are. With questions like “Why am I me…and not you?” and “If I were someone else, who would I be?” this stunning book, illustrated with acrylic paint, colored pencil, and collage, will have readers wondering, too.


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