Thursday, August 2, 2018

August's Book of the Month--We Are Okay

August's Book of the Month is WE ARE OKAY, by Nina LaCour. It won the ALA's Printz Award this year.

Marin is spending her first winter break at her college dorm in upstate NY. It's a far cry from the California sunshine and her Ocean Beach home in the Bay area. Her beloved gramps died just before the term started, and Marin fled from the secrets he left behind. Now, bruised and battered, she's trying to put herself together again. But first she’s got to make it through a visit from Mabel, her former best friend? lover? sort-of-sister? without falling apart, and possibly mend some important fences along the way.

Present tense passages of Marin in NY, as she’s joined by Mabel, alternate with past tense reminiscences of her possibly “weird" family life with Gramps. WE ARE OKAY is a lovingly-crafted, deftly-woven look at grief and healing. It’s raw and honest, lonely, sad and hopeful. I was transported.


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